Exhibition & Displays

Exhibition stands are significant tools to any company that participates in an exhibition or trade show. They are mostly used for marketing and promotion and its success will depend on the appeal of your stand.

Display modular stands – These stands can include facilities for adding shelves and setting up hooks. You can also add a video screens for better effect. You can customise their features according to your company’s requirements. Modular stands such as these are available in many different variants such as computer podiums, portable displays and table top displays.

Literature stands – These are design specific and they have shelves which can store books and leaflets. A literature stand is a portable bookshelf that consists of various shelves. This a good feature that allows exhibitors to place their items on it. These stands will create a good impression in the minds of your visitors.

Banner stands – This is an innovative type of stand that will allow you to hang your banner at the front. There are various types of banner stands; some of them include roller banners, rigid banners, motorised banners and cassette banners. These stands are quick and easy to assemble.

So why drop in or give us a call to get your hands on these powerful marketing tools.